Creating custom keywords

This video shows the process to implement custom OpenTest keywords using Java and the Eclipse IDE. The steps described are:

  1. Clone the OpenTest repo and the OpenTest extension sample repo (minute 00:30)

  2. Open all Java projects into Eclipse (minute 2:04)

  3. Build all projects (minute 3:13)

  4. Set up the actor project to run from the IDE (minute 6:37)

  5. Make sure the OpenTest server is properly configured and running (minute 7:28)

  6. Prepare a test that makes use of the custom test action(s) (minute 8:57)

  7. Create a debug configuration for the actor project in the Eclipse IDE (minute 12:36)

  8. Add the custom extension project as a dependency of the test actor project (minute 14:00)

  9. (optional) Create a test action from scratch, and run it (minute 16:06)

  10. Copy the custom extension JAR to the "user-jars" directory of the test actor(s) (minute 20:58)

This is and advanced tutorial that requires some familiarity with Java and the Eclipse IDE.