Real life web testing with OpenTest

Part 1 - Initial test repo set up and creating the first test

This episode covers basic test actor configuration, setting up a new test repo from scratch and implementing a first test that performs the steps for logging into the application (plus many useful tips along the way).

Part 2 - Creating the first macro action and data file

This episode demonstrates encapsulating the login steps into a macro action, calling the macro action from test files, creating a data file and referencing data properties from test files to help increase the maintainability of the test suite.

Part 3 - Using macro arguments and building complex locators

This episode demonstrates passing arguments to macro actions, building and testing medium complexity CSS and XPath locators and performing right-click actions.

Part 4 - Jenkins integration

Describes the steps to build a basic test session template file, start test sessions from Jenkins based on the template file and display test results in the Jenkins UI using a JUnit XML format output file.

To be continued…​

This tutorial is work in progress. We will continue to add new videos in here periodically. If there is something in particular you’d like us to focus on, let us know in the comments below.